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How does the sunsetting of FBML affect your Facebook strategy?

How does the sunsetting of FBML affect your Facebook strategy?

Social Media

With the recent announcement by Facebook that FBML is being phased out, I can not help but wonder about the impact that changes like this have on businesses. This is one of those things that makes you realize you... Read More »

Annual Update: Year 2010 – A look ahead at the mobile web and inbound marketing

Annual Update: Year 2010 – A look ahead at the mobile web and inbound marketing

Announcements / Social Media

Hard to believe that a year has come and gone without us posting an update to the product section of our blog. Contrary to the likely perception, this does not mean we haven’t been busy with product. On the... Read More »

How Blog Talk Radio used Twitter to address a customer service issue

Social Media

Twitter has proven itself useful for a variety of purposes with businesses of all types. I have seen B2B and B2C businesses use Twitter for one-on-one networking, group dialog, mass media, contests, parties, you name it. All with varying... Read More »

SEO Tips for YouTube Video Marketing

Marketing / Social Media / Tips

An effective strategy for any internet marketing company, video marketing is becoming very popular, and for good reason.  YouTube is currently the second largest Search Engine on the internet (behind Google) and is the #3 website in the world. ... Read More »

The Google + Facebook + Foursquare situation

Marketing / Technology

A lot of buzz is taking place between industry giants Facebook and Google. You have the release of Facebook Places, and then you have the general effect Facebook has on brand sites such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola. With so... Read More »

Be your own producer with social magazines


Many years ago, just prior to the birth of the World Wide Web in 1995, a friend and I attempted to create something unheard of at the time. The idea was based on that of a print magazine but... Read More »

Maximize your Twitter experience with the use of lists

Social Media / Videos

In a recent study by Arbitron and Edison Research, which you can see in detail on the HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog in the post titled, 5 Twitter Charts For Marketers, Twitter was deemed equal to Facebook in awareness with... Read More »

How to build a text-based website for mobile use

Tips / Videos

In February 2010 we looked at how to use the text-based coupon codes in the CMP Mobile system. Prior to that we looked at the key components of the CMP Mobile system. These included how to create a group,... Read More »

How to publish and share videos on Facebook

Tips / Videos

Do you ever find that you want to share a video with your friends on Facebook but that you do not want all your friends to see it? Back in March we looked at how to publish and optimize... Read More »

What happens when you LIKE a Page on Facebook?

Marketing / Social Media

You know the LIKE button that appears near wall posts, photos, videos, etc.? Well Facebook recently announced a change in the way that you identify the things that interest you while you surf around the site and now instead... Read More »