How does the sunsetting of FBML affect your Facebook strategy?

How does the sunsetting of FBML affect your Facebook strategy?

Social Media

With the recent announcement by Facebook that FBML is being phased out, I can not help but wonder about the impact that changes like this have on businesses. This is one of those things that makes you realize you... Read More »

The Google + Facebook + Foursquare situation

Marketing / Technology

A lot of buzz is taking place between industry giants Facebook and Google. You have the release of Facebook Places, and then you have the general effect Facebook has on brand sites such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola. With so... Read More »

How to publish and share videos on Facebook

Tips / Videos

Do you ever find that you want to share a video with your friends on Facebook but that you do not want all your friends to see it? Back in March we looked at how to publish and optimize... Read More »

What happens when you LIKE a Page on Facebook?

Marketing / Social Media

You know the LIKE button that appears near wall posts, photos, videos, etc.? Well Facebook recently announced a change in the way that you identify the things that interest you while you surf around the site and now instead... Read More »

Why you want to keep Facebook friend lists under 20 people

Social Media / Videos

Despite the rapid embrace of businesses to pick up Facebook as part of their digital marketing strategy, there still is a large number of people uncomfortable and not familiar with the use of Facebook, be it for personal or... Read More »

Using Facebook for cross-promotion

Social Media

When you walk into a venue in your local community, say the neighborhood pizza shop, hair salon, bank, or cafe, often times you see a cork board with business cards and fliers on it for other local businesses. In... Read More »

Using the static FBML application on Facebook to create custom pages

Technology / Videos

Our next webinar is for AC Social and will be held on Thursday January 7 at 11:30 am EST. You can register for this webinar series from the training page or by clicking this link. Remember that we run... Read More »

Discussing the impact of Google and Microsoft including Facebook and Twitter in Search Results

Technology / Videos

This month for our AC List Builder Webinar we are shifting focus to the latest announcements by Google and Microsoft about including Twitter and Facebook fodder into their search results. This is major news in the online marketing realm... Read More »

Using Facebook to Further Your Brand

Social Media

Are you looking for more ways to get your online brand marketing message out to more people? Facebook, the social media marketing giant, is making it easier for you to do so. Here’s how. When you have an account... Read More »